Board of Trustees & Advisors

The Board of Trustees and Advisors of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation are uniquely qualified to achieve our mission. All trustees and advisors have personal or professional knowledge regarding the life span issues associated with Autism coupled with an abiding commitment to provide exemplary opportunities for adolescents and adults to participate in community life. DJF is proud to have Adult Self-Advocate Advisors who help us develop and evaluate programs that address the needs of their peers.

Board of Trustees                                                                                                                          
Linda J. Walder, Esq., Founder and President                                           
Frederick J. Fiddle, Founder and Treasurer                                                  
James J. Scancarella, Vice President, Development Co-Chair                         .     
Howard S. Fiddle, Secretary, Development Co-Chair                                    
Steven A. Ball, Strategic Planning Chair                                         
Richard H. Bushnell, Jr., Grants Management Chair                     
Vicki Ofmani, M.Ed., LDT-C, Program Development Chair        

Advisors, Past and Present
Joseph Belfatto 
Wendy Bond. LCSW                                                 
Charles Cartwright, M.D
Daniel Cotto
B. Madeleine Goldfarb

David Namerow, M.D.
Ruth Nass, M.D. 
Paul Potito

Meryl Segal, ACSW
Dr. Joan Voss
Jeffrey A. Walder, Esq.  
Steven G. Walder, Esq.

Adult Self -Advocate Advisors and Interns, Past and Present

Alex Bond
Stephen Daly
John Goldfarb  

Amy Gravino 
Susan Meyer
Michael Rock 
Jimmy Scancarella 
T. Paul Voss