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Linda J. Walder appointed to The New Jersey Commission on National and Community Service

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appointed Linda Walder Fiddle, Founder and Executive of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation on January 29, 2013 to become a member of The New Jersey Commission on National and Community Service.

The New Jersey Commission on National and Community Service aims to do the following:

Develop a statewide ethic of service and a comprehensive, coordinated program targeted to the needs of New Jersey and its unique community challenges. The programs will provide opportunities for service that bring diverse people together working for a common cause to get things done in communities, remove barriers and promote respect.
Address the service needs of the state by prioritizing needs and problems, then targeting resources and grants to the priority needs.

Guide the AmeriCorps program and ensure the effectiveness of its components.Develop and nurture partnerships among the education community, health care community, volunteer programs, the business sector, community-based agencies, foundations, state and local government units, cultural groups, youth programs and senior citizen groups that can work to meet the needs of our communities.

Develop a well-planned strategy to ensure public awareness through various public relations approaches, highlighting quantitatively and qualitatively desired outcomes.

Create a stable funding source for national and community service through fund-raising activities, endowments, and corporate funding to supplement other funding from the corporation.Infuse service-learning into the primary, secondary, and post secondary curricula to create future generations of adults committed to community service.

The State Commission is a nonpartisan, Governor-appointed commission. It is hosted by the New Jersey Department of State, Office of Community Services. Its role is to guide and oversee New Jersey’s National Service programs.

" I am honored and thrilled to join the Commission and look forward to helping foster and grow New Jersey's diverse service opportunities that enhance the lives of our citizens and are models for the nation," said Walder Fiddle.