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DJF Endorses Menendez’s Helping Hands for Autism Act of 2009

Linda Walder Fiddle, Executive Director of The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation, a national autism organization that develops and provides grants to programs for adolescents and adults with Autism, applauds the leadership of Senator Robert Menendez in targeting the key issues that affect those with Autism and their families NOW, “ Senator Menendez’s, Helping Hands for Autism Act, focuses on three key issues at the top of the list for those with Autism and their families that will have an immediate positive impact on their lives: the need for a coordinated and accessible database of lifelong services and resources; the importance of autism-specific training for first responders that will enhance community participation for those with autism; and the urgent need to address the lack of suitable and sustainable housing options for the growing population of adults.” Fiddle further states,” Senator Menendez has taken the time to listen to the concerns of individuals with Autism and their families and the need to offer those affected by this lifelong challenge a helping hand in attaining the support, resources and opportunities to live as independently as possible in the community. The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation fully endorses the Helping Hands for Autism Act, and looks forward to working with Senator Menendez to assure the fulfillment of its goals.” Visit Senator Robert Menendez’s website.