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Linda Walder Fiddle Receives Prestigious Jefferson Award For Public Service

Author: DJF
Written On: Sat, 13 Jun 2009

The Jefferson Award is given annually to honor Americans who perform outstanding public service in their community and inspire others to follow their example. On June 9, 2009, Linda Walder Fiddle,founder and executive director of the all volunteer run Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation, was among 26 recipients chosen from over 300 nominations who received the prestigious award at a ceremony at NJ PAC. The Jefferson Award is sponsored in New Jersey, the foundation's home state, by PNC Bank, PSE&G and the Star Ledger, the largest newspaper in the State. Each recipient will be featured in a full page article in the Star Ledger as well as on the website Ms. Walder Fiddle received the Jefferson Award on the heels of receiving another commendation for public service on May 20th when she received a Russ Berrie Award for her exemplary volunteerism. Ms. Walder Fiddle is the only person in the State of New Jersey to receive both awards this year.

Star Ledger: 2009 Jefferson Award Recipient: Linda Walder Fiddle