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Author: The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation
Written On: Fri, 17 Jul 2009

Read 10 facts that set The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation apart from other organizations. Support our mission to provide opportunities for adults with autism to live, work and recreate in communities throughout the United States by making a donation from our website. Read 10 Facts Here...

1. The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation is the only national, not-for-profit autism organization with the mission to develop and award grants to programs for adolescents and adults with Autism.

2. The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation is named in memory of Danny Fiddle whose life inspired the realization that there is a shortage and need for programs for adults with Autism.

3. The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation is a public foundation that means that we raise the funds that support our programs and advocacy efforts through community based events and donations from the generous and caring public.

4. The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation is run completely by volunteers, even Linda Fiddle, who is the Executive Director, thus all donations go directly towards the foundation’s mission.

5. The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation develops residential programs for adults with Autism on farms, in suburban communities and in cities so that they can live in the communities they feel most comfortable in. Current programs include a farm in Ohio called Bittersweet Farms where young adults and adults grow organic crops, take care of the animals and sell their produce. A 2009-2010 grant at Triform Farm in Hudson, New York is called “Recipe for Success” and the farmers there will start a cookie baking business that is being funded by The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation.

6. The Daniel Jordan Foundation develops vocational-job programs for adults with Autism and for young adults entering the job market. In 2009-2010 we will fund a counselor-in-training program in New Jersey and in Georgia where the participants will learn job skills like interviewing, time management, safety training and even things that simple like, punching a time clock when they arrive and leave work to record how they long they worked that day. We also support and develop other programs that help
adults with Autism figure out what job they would like, how to get it and how to get the support they need to be successful.

7. The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation develops educational programs for adults with Autism. In 2009-20l0 promising artists with Autism will receive art training and learn to improve their painting and drawing techniques and skills. They will also have the opportunity to exhibit their artwork and sell it to the public. This program is called Arts Unbound.

8. The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation develops recreational programs for young adults and adults with Autism. In 2009-2010, the foundation will support a horseback riding program in Virginia and a program called, Fun with Friends, in New Jersey where adults who need one-on-one support will go to events like the circus or to the movies so that they can out in the community and participate. We will also have music/art programs in New Jersey with peer mentors (teens with Autism and teens who do not have Autism paired together) and one for adults in living in group homes (homes where 4-5 individuals live together with support staff) in Chicago.

9.The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation has many students who volunteer at our events like at our annual Lacrosse Tournament or at our Holiday Shopping Event at Mango Jam in Ridgewood. Students sell our logo items including wristbands, blessing candles and logo jewelry and belts. They also sell raffle tickets to win exciting prizes at each event.Many of our student volunteers serve as mentors to their peers with autism in programs we develop such as our F.I.T. TOGETHER at the YMCA program.

10.The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation is a leading advocate on the state and national levels for young adults and adults with Autism. We have been instrumental in advising legislators on the issues and needs facing our citizens with Autism and consulted with its sponsor, Senator Robert Menendez on the Autism Treatment Acceleration Act of 2009 as well as numerous bills in the State of New Jersey. Linda Walder Fiddle serves on the NJ Adults with Autism Task Force and has received numerous public service awards---most recently The Russ Berrie Making A Difference Award and a Jefferson Award Medal, both awarded in 2009.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT AND Please help us continue our work by making a donation from our site!