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Support The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation at your workplace through their United Way campaign by selecting our code, #042576, or simply select: The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation.

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When you shop at you can support our mission!

When you click on the link from our site, The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation earns a small referral fee for each purchase (books, electronics, and more) you make. There is no added expense for you, and it is all automatic — you don’t have to do anything other than click on the link here.

To make it really easy, bookmark this page so you can start all of your online purchases from our site!

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THE DANIEL JORDAN FIDDLE FOUNDATION CAN EARN A PENNY EVERY TIME YOU SEARCH THE INTERNET! is a Yahoo-powered search engine, with a unique social mission... every time you use GoodSearch, money is generated for The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation.

GoodSearch donates half of its revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities selected by its users. The pennies quickly add up. For example, if 1,000 Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation supporters searched just twice a day, we would receive an estimated $7,300 per year to help fund programs that enrich the lives of adolescents and adults with Autism.

It's easy... just go to and be sure to enter The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation as the charity you want to support. We also encourage you to set as your homepage!

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Thank you for your support!