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"A View From The Bridge" starring Liev Schreiber and Scarlett Johansson--SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Join DJF for a spectacular night on the GREAT WHITE WAY for the limited engagement performance of Arthur Miller's, "A View From the Bridge," starring Tony award winning actor Liev Schreiber and superstar Scarlett Johansson. DJF has a block of superb orchestra seats at the CORT THEATER located at 138 West 48th Street for Thursday, February 11. 2010. Bring your Valentine and enjoy what promises to be an extraordinary evening of American theater. Tickets are $175. each and $75 dollars per ticket is tax deductible as a donation to DJF. We only have a limited number of tickets so beginning Tuesday, December 15th, please order your tickets immediately to assure the best seating! What a great holiday gift too!
Here is a brief synopsis of the play:

"A View from the Bridge," is set in 1950s America, in an Italian American neighborhood under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. The area Eddie Carbone and his family live in is called "polis", a tightly knit community where neighbors are almost like family and everyone knows everything about each other. The "polis" is a poor area where all the families are in the same situation; men work at the dock and the women stay at home cooking, cleaning and caring for the children. Owing to the lack of money in the "polis", nobody can afford to leave or travel so the "polis" is the people's life and over time family rules and morals have become law in the community. Immigration laws rendered approaches to the police futile since many of the inhabitants were illegal immigrants. This built up a distinct mistrust for the law with an underlying Sicilian feeling of justice being the guide to how people of the "polis" lived their lives. Miller's interest in writing about the world of the New York docks originated with an unproduced screenplay that he developed with Elia Kazan in the early 1950s, entitled, "The Hook," dealing with corruption on the Brooklyn docks. Miller has been quoted as saying that he heard the basic account that developed into the plot of " A View from the Bridge" from a longshoreman, who related it to him as a true story. Although the 1955 one-act production was not successful, it was revised in 1956 to become a more traditional prose play in two acts, and it is through this version that audiences are most familiar with the work today.

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Feb 11 2010 8:00 PM
Feb 11 2010 11:00 PM